There’s no better way to control and predict your IT budget than the Tech Therapy Serenity Service. With unlimited IT support and comprehensive, proactive services offered at a fixed monthly fee, the Serenity Service is the ultimate technical peace of mind.

Are you stuck in reaction mode with your IT services provider? In other words, do you only interact with your IT people when something breaks? If so, your business probably suffers downtime and more stress than anyone needs! As you probably know, it’s much costlier to fix something that breaks than it is to prevent it from breaking in the first place. Isn’t it time to think about a win/win relationship with your IT people?

Who wins with reactive IT services? The IT people. Reactive IT service providers profit from your network downtime, because you only pay them when your network has problems. They have no incentive to keep your network stable, and that keeps your monthly bill is completely unpredictable.

With the Tech Therapy Serenity Service, you’ll pay a monthly fixed fee for proactive, preventive care that helps you prevent network problems before they occur instead of suffering costly downtime. And should something break, on-site and remote support is included in the monthly fee.

The Serenity Service means your IT environment—servers, workstations, and your network—are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any time you have a question or a problem, the solution is just a click or a call away.

Tech Therapy is your single point of contact for all technical products and services—software and hardware—and everything else that plugs in, including your internet connection, copiers, mobile devices, and other hardware. With Tech Therapy on the job, you’ll find the serenity you need—knowing your network is healthy every day.

Looking for more than just tech support? Learn more about The Serenity Service.